ORCAD Capture

Minimum BS in Electrical Engineering-> 5 yearsPCB QUICK WASH on the job experience developing custom circuit boards including analog, digital, and embedded microcontroller circuits with programming in C USB connectorincluded-> Atmel AVR Series Microcontroller Compiler and Development Tools (Image Craft ICCAVR, GNU, etc)-> hand dryerAVR Studio 3.6 or Higher-> C Programming machining centerLanguage Entry and Development Tools (Programmer?s Notepad, Text Editor?s etc.)-> Cadence OrCAD Capture 16.0 or Higher-> Cadence OrCAD PCB Editor 16.0 or R&SHigherBenefits:opportunity to work in an environment that fosters creativity-> Outstanding employee benefits include medical, dental, disability, Employee Stock Purchase, 401K plan ,profit sharing , and much more-> Compensation flexible based on experience and history Questions you will be asked -> Self rate your proficiency with RF PCBAtmel AVR Series Microcontoller Compiler and Development tools. (You will be tested). Are you experienced with AVR Studio 3.6 or higher? Outline your experience designing Printed Circuit Boards. Are you proficient with Cadance ORCAD Capture and PCB Editor 16.0 or higher? Summarize your C Programming Language Entry and Development experience Do you live within daily commutable distance to Cheshire, CT or are you willing to relocate AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE? APPLY ON THINKENERGYGROUP.COM’S SITECLICK HERE TO SEE HUNDREDS OF Electrical Design Engineer JOBS



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