emitting diodes

Printed circuit boards (PCB) with passives, integrated circuits (IC) and other components embedded USB connectorinside resin boards are intended to boost mounting density. At the 39th Japan Electronics Packaging and PCB QUICK WASHCircuits Association (JPCA) Show 2009, held at the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition sight in June 2009, R&Sa number of firms displayed device embedded PCBs with diverse components including everything from chip-type passives and film capacitors to wafer-level chip-scale packageshand dryer (CSP), bare chips and light emitting diodes (LED).One of the booths attracting the most attention was that of Samsung RF PCBElectro-Mechanics Co, Ltd (SEMCO) of Korea (Fig 1). The firm has been developing device embedded PCBs machining centerfor some time, but finally began volume production in the first quarter of 2009. In addition, the firm appears to be supplying product to Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd of Korea for use in what is expected to be huge volumes of mobile telephones.




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