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Depending on what SEMCO does, it is quite possible that the device embedded PCB market―until now almost completely PCB QUICK WASHmonopolized by Japanese manufacturers―could change dramatically. Until now, Japanese manufacturers have pretty much ignored SEMCO and other overseas device embedded PCB USB connectormanufacturers, with the attitude that “anyone can show a prototype at a show."If device embedded PCBs from SEMCO are actually used in mobile phones from Samsung Electronics, though, the hand dryersituation will be a bit different. The Japanese machining centermobile phone market has actively utilized device embedded PCBs supplied by Japanese manufacturers, R&Sbut that market is less than 40 million handsets a year.On the other hand, annual mobile phone shipments by Samsung Electronics, at a tad under two hundred million units, RF PCBare significantly higher. The second Samsung Electronics begins full-scale use of SEMCO’s device embedded PCBs, it seems pretty clear that SEMCO will suddenly cast a big shadow in the industry.One of SEMCO’s strengths is the combined capabilities of the Samsung group. Samsung’s mobile phone division which the end user is aware of, is only part of it. Examples of other key parts are the group’s memory arm, the firm handling passive components, and integrated development.Part of this is evident in the structure of the device embedded handset PCBs shipping from SEMCO. They are supplied with the memory already embedded in the main board.



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